We Offer Several Charter Types

We Have Many Charter Types to Choose From

Here at Cudjoe Key Fishing Charters, we offer several types of fishing charters. This is to provide you the best possible experience.  It’s what anyone coming to Cudjoe Key, or the Florida Keys for that matter, can expect. We know where to fish for each type of fish. Plus, we know what type of water will produce the best results. Trust our experience when it comes to picking out the best charter types to suit your needs.

Deep-Sea Fishing Charters

Going deep-sea fishing brings endless possiilities to the end of your fishing rod when a fish takes the bait. What will you catch?

Going out on deep-sea fishing charters is like nothing else in the world. You will see fish bigger than yourself. In that moment, the adrenaline will start pumping before you even get your hands on your fishing rod. The fish will jump, and you will know what type of battle lies ahead. You will get to pick what types of fish you want as your personal trophy. This is one the best charter types in the keys, due to our close proximity to deep  water and the gulf stream.  Whenever a fish takes the bait, you gonna have to fight hard to see if you have a grouper, a swordfish, or even a shark. Isn’t your curiosity piqued?

Flats Fishing Charters

Fishing on the Flats is a unique experience that every avid fisher should undertake. What are you waiting for?

Flats fishing charters are meant to bring you out to the crystal-clear water of the Keys. The water is so clear you can watch the fish swim and even aim for the fish you want to catch. You will have the ability to watch as the fish takes the bait. Then, you get to watch to see puts up a better battle and wins. The clear water allows for perfect flats fishing. It is just like fly fishing in a shallow river. On this charter type you can pick whatever type of fish, bait, and equipment you want, or you can rely on the experience of our fishing guides to help bring you optimal levels of success. The choice is yours. What do you want to catch next?