Cudjoe Key Fishing Charters

The perfect place to turn for deep-sea trips, setting off with Cudjoe Key Fishing Charters and Flats Charters by some of the areas most experienced fishing guides!

Turn to the professionals here at Cudjoe Key Fishing Charters for the best charters around. 

When you turn to the experienced pros here at Cudjoe Key Fishing Charters, you not only get deep-sea charters from experienced fishing guides, but you also have access to back-country charters and dolphin charters that are sure to leave you with amazing memories.  We know where to take you to give you the experience you are looking for. Just tell us what type of fish you want to go after, and we will make it happen!

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Do you want to be out on the water with some of the most experienced fishing guides in the area? Do you have an idea of what type of fish you want to catch but no idea how to safely get there to do it? Then book your charter now!


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About Us

Cudjoe Key Fishing Charters was created as a way to help avid fishermen and lovers of the challenge of catching aquatic life have one destination to turn to that would provide trusted, experienced deep-sea charters and local, back-country charters.

We understand that you want to always know that whenever you go out, you are safe. That is why we do what we do. We take safety seriously so that you can focus on the views and the thrill that comes with feeling the big one bite, like on one of our Dolphin Charters.

Here at Cudjoe Key Fishing Charters, we want you to tell us what your dream of “the big one” entails. Tell us what fish you want mounted on your wall. We will take that and bring you to the perfect areas of the keys to try and catch that whopper. Trust us. We know these waters better than nearly anyone else. 

Fishing Guides

Go out and catch some of the most elusive fish in the area with one of our expeirenced fishing guides like Dan with Can’t Fish Enough.

Deep-Sea Charters

See what big fish you can pull up from the depths with our deep-sea charters.

Back Country Charters

If you’re looking for a more traditional fishing exerience, try our back country charters. 

Dolphin Charters

Interested in fishing for some dolphin fish? Our dolphin charters can take you there.